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4 Essential Home Watch Action Items For Your Vacation Home

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Having a vacation home is rewarding and exciting, but owning a property from which you are absent for long periods also incurs a certain amount of risk.

But that risk does not need to translate into more worries for you. After all, you certainly did not purchase a vacation home to increase your stress level!

To assuage your concerns, you just need to hire a reliable and professional home watch team in Marco Island, FL, to ensure its security and safety from the natural elements, unforeseen accidents and theft or vandalism.

After all, you want to escape and relax at your vacation destination, rather than be shocked by unforeseen damage and overwhelmed by repairs and maintenance tasks.

Should You Have A Checklist For Home Watch Services?

Yes! A thorough and complete checklist is essential for a successful home watch relationship.

This will ensure that your service team members cover all essential safety and maintenance checkpoints of your vacation house.

However, every reputable home watch service company should offer an exhaustive checklist that they can discuss and customize to fit your unique needs.

Below are the four essential home watch checkpoints to be sure to include in your list.

Four Vital Home Watch Checkpoints

1. Infestation & Pest Prevention

Many pests can take up residence in your vacation home in your absence from the property.

Insects and rodents can establish a real stronghold if their presence goes unnoticed and undeterred for long periods of time.

Ask your home watch service provider to check for all signs of infestation and use approved preventative methods to stop pests from settling into your vacation home.

2. Weather & Water Damage Evaluation

Your property can suffer serious water damage when left unattended for long periods of time.

You may face costly repair and maintenance costs without frequent and thorough home evaluations to examine windows, walls, roof and basement to locate and remedy any leaks or damage before it can significantly progress.

An experienced home watch team will thoroughly inspect your vacation home to also ensure that there are no plumbing concerns, water damage on ceiling boards or walls, etc.

3. Alarm System Management

A home watch service provider will send out a team of experts to regularly survey your vacation house, evaluating for safety concerns and offering a frequent presence for anyone observing your property for opportunity.

They will also examine for signs of tampering or intrusion during their survey.

If you have an alarm system connected to the armed security service provider, the home watch team can coordinate with them in your stead.

4. Standard Maintenance & Repair Check

A quality home watch team will survey electrical and plumbing systems thoroughly throughout your property.

This includes checking power sockets, plumbing and lights to make sure that everything is in working condition when you are away.

The team can coordinate with you if there are any issues, contact plumbers and/or electricians to make repairs on your behalf, grant access to your home, and supervise repair efforts.


Choosing a reputable and experienced home watch service in Marco Island, FL will help you ensure the safety of your vacation house.

But nobody knows your house better than you, so preparing a thorough list of checkpoints that the service provider should check on each visit will ensure that your home stays secure and safe.

Holiday Home Watch boasts an expert team of professionals to evaluate your vacation home, provide you with thorough reports of its status, and help coordinate any needed repairs.

We provide professional and comprehensive service to ensure the safety of your property and the peace of mind you crave.

We offer services in Lely Resort, Old Naples, Seychelles, Treviso, Fiddlers Creek, Isle Capri, Windstar, Arboretum, Isles of Collier Preserve, Avalon of Naples, Azure, Esplanade, Naples Reserve, and Mangrove Bay.



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