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Ask These 3 Questions Before You Choose A Home Watch Provider

A Home Watch provider may not be able to prevent home damage from occurring, but they can identify damage in the early stages to prevent it from becoming a disaster. This requires organization, competency and professionalism. Ensure these qualities are present prior to selecting your service provider.

Below are 3 essential questions you need to ask before choosing a provider for home watch services in Naples, FL.

How Often Will The Home Watch Provider Visit?

The answer that you should expect to hear from a reputable company is that they provide weekly visits at a minimum. In our expert opinion, one week is a reasonable interval to assess and catch any damage. It is also important that anyone with nefarious intentions sees a regular presence at your home.

Many low-budget, low-quality providers will try to reassure you that monthly visits are adequate. However, a month is a vast amount of time for a maintenance issue to go unnoticed, not to mention a great window of opportunity for potential criminals.

An experienced provider will know to check your homeowner's insurance policy, as it often includes specific coverage conditions. You must adhere to the visit frequency mandated by the insurance carrier in order to receive payment for any damage claims.

It is vital to assess this requirement with every insurance renewal notification to ensure adherence to any changes.

Here are 5 handy tips for you to avoid any water damage in your absence:

  • Remember to turn off the water when you leave for a short vacation or a season, or even overnight.

  • Turn off the main water valve of your home very slowly.

  • To drain your water lines, turn on the water in one of your sinks.

  • Never leave any sink faucet open after you drain your water.

  • Avoid covering or closing the drains.

What Tasks Does The Home Watch Provider Perform During Visits?

There are several essential actions items that a home watch service provider should perform with each visit to ensure your home remains free from damage and disrepair.

Perhaps most importantly, the water must be cycled. This process is multifaceted and includes:

  • Checking for visible leaks

  • Running washing machine and dishwasher regularly

  • Flushing and brushing toilet

  • Running water in showers, sinks, and tubs to keep drain traps wet to avoid odor and insects laying eggs

These visits should also include looking at ceilings, baseboards, and visible walls with a flashlight to check for the signs of water damage, pest residue or any other damage. The crew must be trained so that they can identify any damage in its early stages.

They should also check for humidity levels in a tropical locale. This may include adjusting the thermostat so that the AC operates properly, checking and potentially emptying dehumidifiers, etc. All procedures and protocols followed by the home watch provider should be tailored to your specific location, climate, and particular equipment.

An important tip is to reject any providers who offer to open your home by turning your water and heater on before you return.

Avoid it at all costs, as the Real Deal Home Watch Provider knows that water should remain off at all times in your absence.

Do They Have A License & Insurance?

There is no legal requirement for a license because home watch is not a regulated industry. So you must be sure to ask if the service providers carry professional liability or any other coverage.

You should inquire as to details and expect at least a minimum General Liability Insurance Policy of $1 million with a $2 million aggregate.

A few businesses claim that they have a license but are referring to their Business Tax Receipt. It is also at times known as a Business License.

It's a registration in the city or country from where the business is operating, and they can acquire it at a nominal fee.

These companies often share licenses from another business that is not at all related to the home watch industry. Beware of such businesses operating in this nefarious manner. If they cut corners with good business practices, they will also cut corners when ‘caring’ for your home.

Who Can Help?

The above questions are essential asks when choosing a service provider for home watch in Naples, FL.

Holiday Home Watch is an experienced and professional service provider.

We focus on providing complete protection and maintenance of your home in your absence.

We provide our home watch services in a widespread area, such as Treviso, Mangrove Bay, Isle Capri, Arboretum, Naples Reserve, Isles of Collier Preserve, Fiddlers Creek, Old Naples, Azure, Seychelles, Esplanade, Windstar, Avalon of Naples, and Lely Resort.

Get in touch with us at 239-273-3486 for professional, competent and friendly service at an affordable price! Let us worry about your vacation home so that you can kick back and enjoy your vacation!



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