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Home watch service for the seasonal resident is an absolute necessity that you shouldn't go without.

Water leaks and damage happen regularly or the AC unit fails, just imagine what could happen to your home while away. An untrained person may not notice or take this serious. If a home watch company is not checking on your property at least bi-monthly or more frequent, there is too much possibility for expensive problems to turn into disaster. If you think after all I have insurance, you could be sadly mistaken. Many insurance companies may consider you negligent when your home is left for an extended period of time, and damage occurs. The claim may be denied if the homeowner did not engage in the services of a home watch provider while away.


We are experts in monitoring your investment & reporting any trouble.

This is not a situation where a neighbor or friend should be looking after your property when he or she is able. They are untrained & certainly not insured. This is business not a hobby, that needs to be performed by trained professionals on a schedule with visits, reports, customized checklist, recommendations, & excellent communication.

Holiday Home Watch has other tools besides the camera & the report.

Most homeowners are unaware of what is supposed to be done on a visit. Mold can grow in as little as 72 hours when the humidity is high and there are other conducive conditions. When your AC unit fails, humidity levels will rise. Unfortunately in these situations damage or disaster can occur which could have been avoided.

What makes us different from others, is our ability to serve our clients with exceptional & professional service they deserve.

Only a trained professional can spot
the signs that could lead to disaster.

Trust Holiday Home Watch with your home!

We are experts in monitoring your investment & reporting any trouble.

Home Watch Service

Checking & Reporting On Your Property

Customized Check List For Each Property

Reporting Home Watch Software

Interior & Exterior Grounds Check

Hurricane Pre / Post Coordination

Property Management

Professionaly Qualified

Holiday Home Watch provides a professional service that has successfully completed a Home Watch Training program. We have been trained, tested, carry a business license, & are properly insured.

 Concierge Service

We Are Always There For You

Vendor Key-in Maintenance/Service

Check In & Out Guest/Renters

Shopping & Dry Cleaning

Vendor Management & Scheduling

Accept Deliveries

Auto Drive Service / Maintenance

Expert Advice - Seawall, Dock & Lift

Our clients have peace of mind knowing their home is receiving exceptional care while away. We will connect you with a variety of professional service providers to handle any situation.

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Holiday Home Watch provides exceptional service, at all times. We are passionate about your home and your needs. As a seasonal resident, Home Watch for your property is an absolute necessity. We are qualified, trained & tested in the Home Watch business & take this very seriously. It is our mission to give you excellent communication & documentation immediately upon each visit, whether there is an issue or not. 

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