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Don’t Miss Out On These Four Crucial Benefits Of Home Watch When Hiring!

The home watch industry in Marco Island, FL, has gained popularity, and there is a concurrent flood of such service providers. Unfortunately, many have not established legitimate business identities, arranged protective agreements, or purchased appropriate insurance. They not only leave themselves vulnerable but also you, as their potential unprotected client.

Read ahead to be sure that you address the most pertinent benefits provided by a reputable home watch service provider.

1. Handling Urgent Home Improvement Issues & Damages

When you are away from your residence, many unforeseen issues may arise and require proper troubleshooting. Your service provider must know how to have a handle on identifying and rectifying problems efficiently.

The best first course of action is to contact the homeowner or designated person in their absence. Be cautious of such service providers claiming to do everything by themselves and leave you out of the decision-making, particularly when they do not have proper training, licenses, or insurance.

Read beware! In particular, if a company boasts a handyman license, note that it will not even cover them to change a toilet flapper or hang a ceiling fan in the case of collateral damage. This is a red flag that you want to avoid at all costs.

2. Transparent & Reasonable Fees

The rate of a professional home watch service generally ranges from $45 to $64 per visit and increases based on the property size.

Concierge services like shopping, meeting vendors, accepting deliveries, generally also charge a similar rate range. These charges may increase per task or hour.

Are you wondering if you can find a cheaper deal? Yes! You can, as everything has a cheap knockoff in the market. But it depends if you want to settle for less - less quality, less professionalism, less peace of mind. And paying for ‘less’ may indeed end up costing you more - more stress, more problems, and potentially more money in the long run. Real professionals know that there is more to their job than just setting up a pop-up shop. They have comprehensive, specific resources to handle worst-case scenarios. You get what you pay for.

3. Trained professionals

This is another essential aspect that you need to verify. Always inquire as to who will visit your property in your absence when hiring your service provider. You must be aware of the hiring process, vetting, and training that employees undergo prior to granting them unfettered access to your property.

Either the owner or a well-vetted and well-trained employee from their trusted team should visit the property. The cherry on the top will be if you can track visits through GPS-enabled software.

Holiday Home Watch provides this level of tracking with a customizable checklist accessible through your mobile device. You will also receive reports after every home visit accessible via the private portal at all times. Just another level of peace of mind!

Safety Issue!

It is a rampant concern among homeowners that they are unaware of who is visiting their property in their absence. Some of them have even been shocked to see, months later, that the check they left on the kitchen counter is there, and no visits were made. Accountability is a significant issue, and you need professionals, not part-timers or scammers.

4. Home Visit Qualification

It is essential to question the service provider about what makes them a qualified home watch in Marco Island, FL.

A professional home watch service provider will always invest in training and education. They should have proper registration, bonds, background checks, and insurance. They should also take part in ongoing testing and training related to best practices in the industry.

Holiday Home Watch is an approved business with IHWA with best practices and the utmost of standards. We are committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and are constantly seeking means to enhance the quality of our visits and the services we offer.

You can find out more about our professional services in Mangrove Bay, Windstar, Marco Island, Isle of Capri, Avalon of Naples, Arboretum, Naples Reserve, Isles of Collier Preserve, Old Naples, Azure, Seychelles, Treviso, Esplanade, Fiddlers Creek, and Lely Resort.

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