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What are your Options for Home Watch Providers in Marco Island, FL?

Home Watch is a service that a business or individual provides by visually inspecting your vacant property or home, both externally and internally, on a routine basis to prevent significant natural or human-made damage while you are away.

If you own a vacation or part-time home in Marco Island, Florida, you will greatly benefit from a home watch to give you the peace of mind you crave at your escape destination.

This service is prevalent in popular tourist destinations with a heavy seasonal population, such as locales with a high percentage of part-time residents in Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, California, and many others.

Previously, this service was more colloquially known as help by Neighbors Doing Favors.

4 Types Of Home Watch Providers

1. Neighbors Doing Favors

Many people rely on the kindness of neighbors to ‘keep an eye on’ their vacation or part-time residences. While the sentiment is lovely, you must be cautious about feeling secure in this situation.

Your neighbors surely mean well, but they are not equipped to properly and thoroughly survey your property. They don't have specific training, scheduling and checklists, and they certainly are not insured to complete the tasks you ask of them, which could you leave liable for any injury.

Also, do not forget that your neighbors go on vacation too! Or perhaps your neighbors are vacation homeowners just like you. Sure, borrow a cup of sugar from your lovely neighbors, but leave the safety of your home to the professionals.

2. Hobby Home Watchers

This genre of home watchers generally starts with ‘neighbors doing favors’ - someone who helps out neighbors and then realizes it could be a lucrative side gig.

They start by taking on more customers, and they may believe that they are now running a legitimate Home Watch company.

However, they usually don't set up a business and the vast majority don't have insurance.

They fly solo without any training. How can they increase knowledge and skill level without connecting with others in the field? How will they watch over your property properly? You can’t know, and you can’t take the risks.

3. Scoundrels

Yes, unfortunately, there are certainly individuals ready to con you with false credentials in the world of home watch providers.

They view a home watch service as a means to make easy money by exploiting trusting clients. Some may just bill you and provide no legitimate service.

However, others may take advantage of your trust by burglarizing your home or stealing personal identification information. And you can be sure they won’t be filing any ‘reports’ to you about it.

4. Real Deal Home Watch

The best choice is to hire dedicated professionals who boast years of experience, many positive references/reviews, and an insurance bond in whom to entrust your beloved home.

These professionals will not view your home as a favor, a passing hobby or a potential cash cow for criminal activity, but instead will ensure its safety from the elements, pests, disrepair, and burglary by committing to a well-established, vetted schedule and checklist.

They are professionally equipped for the job and have the training to undertake challenges with proper credentials and resources.

You can depend on them to tackle any adverse situations that may arise with ease.


Choose a reliable professional provider for house watch in Marco Island, FL, to give you the peace of mind that your property remains safe from natural, mechanical and manmade disasters.

Always entrust this responsibility to an experienced, professional service, such as Holiday Home Watch.

We are equipped with an expert and trained team of specialists diligently assessing your property and reporting to you about its status.

We provide our home watch services in Old Naples, Treviso, Isle Capri, Windstar, Arboretum, Lely Resort, Isles of Collier Preserve, Azure, Seychelles, Esplanade, Fiddlers Creek, Naples Reserve, Avalon of Naples, and Mangrove Bay.



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